Plumbing estimate high/low?
Posted by Ron on November 14, 2002 at 09:19:48:
We are in the process of completely renovating our downstairs bathroom with a jacuzzi tub, new pedestal sink and toilet. The bathroom is rather small and since we are limited on space, we need to move the plumbing fixures to accomodate the big tub. My intent was to do the plumbing myself but in the essence of time and experience, I am going to call a professional for an estimate.

When we purchased the tub, my job status was safe and now it looks like I may get laid off in the near future. With that being said, my budget is pretty low. Before I call a plumber and waste their time, I was hoping someone on this board could give me a high/low estimate for what I am trying to do. BTW, I live in the Boston area.

Basically, I will be hooking all the fixtures up and just need the rough-in of those fixtures. Keep in mind, the drains and supply lines are existing and just need to be moved. All the piping including the drains are copper (3" waste and 1.5" drain). Also, there is full access to the walls and floor since the drywall has been removed to expose them. This is also the bathroom that sits directly above my basement so there is full access to the pipes there as well.

Here is what needs to be done:

I removed the 5ft tub and added a 6 foot jacuzzi tub with center drain. This needs to be plumbed. The exisiting drain needs to be extended through the floor joists about 4 feet. The copper supply lines need to be moved about 2 feet to where the tub deck faucet will be mounted. I will be framing the tub and pouring the mortar to set it. Who does the joist re-enforcement for the tub is to be determined but I most likely will.

The current closet flange and supply for the toilet need to be moved over 1 foot.

The exitising sink drain and supply lines also need to be moved over 1 foot. I did have a vanity in there and this will now be for a pedestal sink.

As usual, assistance is very much appreciated.

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