Bathroom Vent Fan
Posted by Tim on November 13, 2002 at 18:53:32:
I have a large master bathroom with a cathedral ceiling, jacuzzi tub, shower stall and skylight.

The bathorrm has no vent fan. Moisture and moisture drop residual slowly gets on the skylight and walls. Surprizingly over the years there has been no moisture problem.

The cathedral ceiling is about 6 feet higher than the shower stall. The shower stall is located below the straight wall. The rule of thumb is to locate the vent fan in the shower stall however if I locate it at the top of the straight wall opposite the slope ceiling it will not only get the moisture that eventually rises but also the heat in the summer.

If I locate it here however it will run into the attic just below the top of the roof.

What would be the best choice. Could I run the exhaust line down to tie into the vent line from the other bathroom. The attic does have a good sized thermostatically controlled attic fan.

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