PB Pipe, toilet problem -- can't find leak
Posted by Vicki on November 13, 2002 at 16:40:24:
Searching through the discussions, I saw where at least one person had a PB pipe leak, but couldn't find the leak. We have PB pipe and have had extensive water damage in one area (around area of master bath toilet & laundry room), but the plumber hasn't been able to find a leak. Does anyone have any advice about what we could try? If this is because of the PB pipes, I don't want to have this bypassed and other leaks springing up and doing damage.
More background: Two floor house, the master bath/laundry room is upstairs. we were out of town for 2 months and this greeted us when we got back. The ceiling beam in this area (below master toilet) is sagging and will have to be replaced. There were several gallons of water in the ceiling. -We did have a master toilet problem 1 month before we left, where it overflowed once or twice due to the 'thing' in the tank needing to be replaced. When it overflowed, a little water spot in the ceiling showed up immediately.
Is it possible that overflow from the toilet could have collected there from 3 months ago, without a huge water stain showing up on the ceiling? -Or does this sound like an elusive PB pipe leak?
Thanks! Vicki

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