Lighting the pilot light on a gas water heater
Posted by Terry Love on November 12, 2002 at 03:29:27:

It is hard to light a water heater the first time. I don't find many manuals that give a good picture of where to light a pilot light. You should see something like a thick wire coming from the gas control on the tank going to the thermal coupling, whick looks like a very small rod. Right near this is the pilot light, can lood almost like a two petal flower. The thermal coupling will be centered between the petals. When I light a heater I cheat, I use a handheld turbo tipped torch turned down low so that the flame hangs out the tip about 6".(too much gas from the torch will blow out the pilot flame) I run this flame through the pilot light petals untill the gas lights, and continue for about 10 seconds.
If you remove pressure from the pilot lighting button before the thermal couple lights up the flame will go out. The purpose of the thermal couple is to measure heat from the pilot flame, no heat, no gas.
As far as replacing drains, the tank is drilled with 3/4" fip theads. Choices are 3/4" nipple with a silcock. or replacement drain that comes complete.
Somtimes when removing a plastic drain they will snap off. They can be removed with an easy-out tool, If plastic I sometimes turn my torch on what is remaining in the tank to soften up the plastic, take a hacksaw blade and carefully cut some vertical slices in it, not going as far as the metal in the tank threading.
Good Luck

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