Help! Drain basket won't stop leaking!
Posted by Jim Reynolds on November 11, 2002 at 22:49:38:
I'm installing an old restrauant style sink in my basement and it's got me at wits end. It's a stainless steel "line sink" that has two tubs with kitchen style drain baskets. Should be a piece of cake to hook-up, right? NOT!!

I'm having a problem getting a good seal between the drain basket and the flanged pipe that connects to it (all 1 1/2" metal). I'm using a plastic flanged washer between the two, but it's leaking all around the connection. The plastic doesn't seem like it wants to make a good seal, and none of the slip joint nuts are deep enough so I can fit a larger rubber washer up there too. I tried getting new baskets thinking they were the problem, but still no luck! Even tried string packing in desparation.

HELP! What else can I try here? Plumber's Goop? Epoxy Putty? I hate using glues because they're so hard to come off. I'd like to just find a better washer to make that connection. Tips? PLEASE?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. :-)

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