Basement bath
Posted by Dave K on November 11, 2002 at 16:52:00:
I have an older home (1950) and am looking to install a basement toilet in what is currently a laundry/shower room. However, the current layout warrants a description of the fixtures along the drain line...

The current shower is a 3x3 one piece fiberglass unit that is set on top of mortar and wood; the waste water does not drain into a p-trap or pipe, but rather onto the tiled floor below the shower and into the floor drain (which is about 1.5 feet in front of the shower opening). A wood platform rests over the floor drain so shower occupants do not have to step into the drain.

Next to the floor drain is a vertical vent pipe (2", cast iron); at the ceiling, it turns 90 degrees, runs about 5 feet, then exits to the kitchen above.

The adjacent utility tub drains into the vent pipe about one foot above the floor.

The next fixture (approx 4 feet from the utility tub)is a 2" cast iron drain pipe from the kitchen above. This vertical pipe rests behind a door jamb which serves as an entrance to a bar. A cleanout is located at the base.

About 3-4 feet into the bar is the 3" cast iron main stack with a cleanout at the base. At this point, I'm assuming the drain line turns 90 degrees and runs out to the front street to the city sewer line.

My intention is to put a toilet between the utility tub and the kitchen drain pipe, but I am unsure what the size of my drain line is below the concrete, and I am leery about breaking up the concrete. Is it possible to use the main stack cleanout as an access for a 3" toilet drain? My thought is to attach a 90 degree bend at the cleanout, then run about 5 or 6 feet of 3" pipe from the bend to the area where the toilet flange would be located. I would then simply build a raised floor in the bar and by the toilet.

In essence, I would have a raised toilet, which would not be undesireable if what I am proposing is a viable option. Sorry for the lengthly description, but any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated. Cost info would be beneficial, too!!! :-)

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