Re: Water Pressure Problems... Help!!!
Posted by forrest hot water woes with two faucets, others fine on November 10, 2002 at 20:45:45:
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I live in a 3 story house built in the early part of the century.. I know the plumbing has many revisions etc..

BUT: we have 4 bathrooms, (1 on 1st, 2 on 2nd, and 1 on 3rd floor) The hot water to the 3rd floor is VERY GOOD, the hot water to ONE bathroom on the 2nd floor is good, and 1st floor bathroom is also GOOD. BUT BUT BUT the Hot water to the SHOWER on the 2nd floor is BAD, as is the hot water to the KITCHEN SINK. Interstingly, the cold water to the kitchen sink is VERY GOOD, massive pressure. but hot is a trickle, probably several seconds to fill a 10 oz glass.

on the second story bathroom is the bad hot water pressure to the shower, the hot water to a sink in the SAME ROOM is very good. This is all a little confusing. Ideas? How might this be improved?

I have glanced at the pips in this house and there are SOOO MANY! ugh. Thanks for your thoughts.


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