Re: "sour" smelling cistern water
Posted by Tagger on November 09, 2002 at 00:02:51:
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In simple words, your cistern needs to be drained and cleaned with pure dark vinegar. You have to soak a rag with the vinegar and literally scrub the cistern walls, the top and right down to the very bottom. If you leave any water in the cistern at all while cleaning you can expect a failure. The cistern must be completely dry before you begin the vinegar wash. Needless to say, you're going to have to replace the pipes, water heater and anything else that carries the water. If you don't, well, good luck. I say that because anything in the pipes will work back down to the cistern and the whole problem begins again. That's the way I'd do it. If you leave one area uncleaned the problem will surely return. That's the way my folks did it when I was a kid seventy years ago. There may be better ways of doing it now but I personally know that it worked for us. One last thing. Our water came from rain, sometimes we'd go to the river and haul several barrels of water home if there wasn't enough rain. I can't be
responsoble for whether it works for you or not. Mater of fact, you might as well forget the vinegar treatment because my wife tells me that the stuff cost about five dollars a quart.

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