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Posted by Mike on November 08, 2002 at 21:35:50:
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: : Mike,
: : Cutting the floor and adding a wye to the 2" waste line will work fine.
: : You will want to maintain venting for every fixtue that you add or retain.
: : The vents can be tied together at 6" above the flood level of the fixtures. The highest fixture would be the lav counter.
: : Terry Love

: Terry, you are good!
: : : My house was built in the 1950's and has two sewer systems. One system is the standard cast iron drop and runs only the ground floor level bathroom and the other is a cast iron drop that goes from the kitchen to a tile system under the floor and then out to the sewer system. Both have a sep inlet into the sewer as I pulled the manhole cover (private road) and did the flush test from both.
: : : So, my basement has a toilet that is y'd of off the tile system that is under the basement floor.
: : : I want to place a shower and small sink in the area with the toilet to create a full 3/4 bath. There is a floor drain approx. 20" in front of the toilet. The sewer drain from the toilet drains to the rear of the toilet and then under the floor and out to the main sewer.
: : : Can I bust up the floor and put in a "y" that will allow me to set the shower and a sink --- setting it behind the floor drain?
: : : Any hints etc would be greatly appreciated.
: : : Thanks

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