**Our miserable toilet overflow experience**
Posted by Bob on November 08, 2002 at 13:35:45:
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We had a upstairs toilet overflow for about 45 minutes. As Terry mentioned the toulet was both clogged and the refill mechanism failed.

We found out about this as water began to rain down on the firts floor.

We quickly shut off the supply line and dried everything up.

We thought that was the end of it until everyone in the family started having various health problems.

To make a very long story short, we had a toxic mold problem and we ended up living in a hotel for about three months while everything was cleaned up.

There was *no* visible mold anywhere. It was growing inside our walls.

I would immediately call in a professional water damage contractor to assess the situation. If you act quickly and get everything dried up you can avoid serious problems.


: Sawyer,
: A faulty flapper would cause the fill valve to run. Until the water level in the tank reaches the proper level, it will continue to allow filling of the tank.
: No problem in most cases, unless the bowl is plugged. In that case, water will not run down the drain, but rather over the rim and onto the floor.
: This is one reason I prefer toilets that resist plugging.
: There are not many things worse than an overflowing toilet.
: Terry Love

: : I need some quick information. Would a faulty "flapper" that remained open in the tank cause a clogged toilet to continuously run over the bowl and flood the house with hundreds of gallons of water? Situation is: The toiled became clogged after flushing, and occupants didn't know it, and the water ran over the bowl for hours and flooded the house. I need to know what would cause this to continue to overflow. I thought that if it would be clogged, you'd only lose the water in the bowl and tank. Please help this is a serious situation! Thanks

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