Re: Replacing cast iron sewer line in basement
Posted by Tom on November 08, 2002 at 12:52:30:
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: My 30 year + cast iron sewer drain line in my basement appears to be rustng through (Surface cracks and small leaks).

: Must I replace the entire bad section with new cast iron piping?

: If I use plastic piping, should I replace the cast iron pipes or can plastic be used as a sleeve for inside

You should avoid using plastic at all cost. You should have the whole line replaced as soon as possible. Ripping out the concrete porch will not be necessary if you find someone who can bring a torpedo through , a torpedo is an air powered tool that slowly breaks through the ground and brings the sewer line all the way through where you need it to go.
: the cracked cast iron?

: I am trying to avoid replacing the cast pipe that exits the house as it passes under a concrete porch
: before making it's way down the front yard. If I could put a sleeve through it, albeit I will lose some
: diameter/volume, I would at least feel comfortable knowing that I do not have a sewer leak at the
: edge of the house.

: Thanks,
: Ron

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