Re: 1.6 GPF Toilet doesn't flush properly
Posted by Terry Love on November 07, 2002 at 22:39:28:
In response to Re: 1.6 GPF Toilet doesn't flush properly

Even CR"S highly touted briggs vacuity need that second flush sometimes.
There are toilets that don't however.
As far as modifying the existing one, you may be able to adjust the flapper to allow more water by.
I'm guessing that you only have a need to double flush one out of (5-7)times.
In that case, holding the lever down a bit longer for that one time may be the better water saving solution.

: Hi,
: I was wondering if anybody knew of any modifications I could make to ensure that my new Eljer Patriot 1.6 GPF toilet will not require double flushing. As it stands, I have to double-flush for solids or hold the lever for a few seconds. After searching the web, it seems that this is a common problem with the 1.6 GPF. Any recommendations will be much appreciated.
: Thanks,
: Ron

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