Posted by CC on November 07, 2002 at 14:48:23:
We have a sump pump in our 1/2 basement that ran like clock work for 7 years, then my husband added on a master suite w/crawl space to the back of our house, which is located approx. 6 feet from the sump pump downstairs, and now the pump rarely runs and there's water coming up in the new crawl space. We put corregated pipe around the footer of the new addition and "Y'd" it into pipe that runs to the street, but some how water is still coming up through the floor of the crawl space when we have a hard rain.

Q: What I don't understand is how we're getting standing water in the crawl space and why this water isn't draining down the wall of the original foundation and making it's way to the sump pump in the basement.

Q: Can we run a pipe into the ground to the foot of the foundation of the existing wall to help the water drain out? Or can we drill holes in the side of the new crawl space and hook a pipe onto that to alleviate some of the water when it rises?

Q: If we have to put a sump pump in the new crawl space, is there an easy way to do that since the addition has already been completed?

Q: Do you know of a web site that offers a visual of how the whole sump pump draining tile thing looks? I'm having a hard time visualizing this who process.

So many questions, so little time....

Signed, Perplexed and frustrated.......

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