Re: American standard #4 flush valve still leaking?
Posted by hj on November 06, 2002 at 20:48:15:
In response to Re: American standard #4 flush valve still leaking?
Where is the leak. If it is from the rim then it is the fill valve that is leaking or the water level is too high. If the water level just drops then it is the flush valve, but you will normally not be able to hear the leak.

: The flush valve seal and the 3 bolt hole plugs in my american standard toilet were so rotted they would break apart as soon as you touched them. I replaced the whole flush valve assy, new seat, seal, plugs, etc. Water still trickles into the bowl. I didn't want to crank down on the fastening lug screws in fear if cracking the tank, snugged them up pretty good. Any suggestions? Should I have used silicon around the seal??? Seems no matter what I do I still get a slow trickle of water into the bowl. It's alot better, but not 100%

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