Re: Toilet Installation
Posted by Gary Swart on November 06, 2002 at 18:43:15:
In response to Re: Toilet Installation
There are special toilets for basements that do not have a sewer outlet in the floor, they pump the affluent out. If you have a drain below the surface of the floor, then you have to connect a flange to that. The flange sets on the floor and is anchored to the floor with screws. It is glued to the drain pipe. The toilet is designed to mate with the flange and is either sealed with a wax ring or the newer type of flange that doesn't require the ring. The two bolts that come through either side of the base of the toilet are "T" bolts that slip into a channel on the flange. When installed properly, the toilet is secured to the flange which is secured to the floor and drain.

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