Re: Pump takes 10+ mins to come on
Posted by Tom on November 06, 2002 at 15:14:22:
In response to Re: Pump takes 10+ mins to come on
If the preasure switch doesn't 'flip' until 10 minutes after the water runs out then I think you have located the problem. Hope you can locate a new switch.

: I do hear the pressure switch flip on...about 10 minutes after the water has run out. I have NOT adjusted anything on the pressure switch itself, and it appeared to work for the first few hours when I replaced it this last time (i did replace one last year, and made no adjustments, and it worked perfectly til this trouble started)

: Also, when the pump does finally come on, it is like gangbusters. There is absolutely no problem with the pump pumping when it pumps, it just doesn't want to come on....

: : You should be able to hear the pressure switch click on/off. Off at 50 and on at 30. If you can determine that the pressure switch is working correctly(if you have a volt meter check here to indicate voltage to pump motor) the the next place is probably the pump motor. There is usually an overload/overheat switch builtin the motor and would probably take a few minutes to re-set after triping which is what the symptons that you are decribing indicate. Good luck

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