Water Pressure Problems... Help!!!
Posted by David Nolan on November 05, 2002 at 22:40:34:
I live in a 2 floor house built in 1930s... relatively new water line coming into the house (not galvinized iron pipe); i have all copper pipe in the house; 3/4 inch pipe throughout. PSI coming into the house is 40... one plumber i've spoken to says this is low, another says it's average. nevertheless, my water pressure in the upstairs bathroom (shower & sink) is very low... it takes 17 seconds to fill a 1/2 gallon container... the outside hose fills same container in 6 seconds (and the basement hotwater line going into the washing machine also fills a 1/2 gallon in about 6 seconds)... thus, while i imagine i'd lose some pressure going to 2nd floor, i can't imagine i'd lose that much... What else could be resposible?...ANY IDEAS???... is 40 PSI low??? also, is it possible that the fixtures may be responsible (i have Price Pfister fixtures)... Sorry for the long message, but i'm going crazy trying to figure this out!!! Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

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