venting a laundry tub basin/pump
Posted by Gaspare on November 05, 2002 at 13:56:49:

My house drains to a septic system. The basement laundry room is lower than the main sanitary line that makes its way to the septic system. The laundry tub drain is connected to a a pump which (when the switch is turned on)pumps it up and connects into the sanitary line to the septic. When the pump is turned on the water drains out of the tub very slowly. Initially, i have suspected a faulty pump (we just recently purchased the home and the pump looks old and not well maintained. However, in browsing your site, I now think it may be a venting problem. The closest vent stack is about 10 feet away and takes off from the main sanitary line up through the house immediately below the basement ceiling/floor joists, so it is tough to connect into (and i am not certain if that would be a proper venting connection anyway). To make using the laundry tub easier i want to connect it to a small basin which sits next to the tub and has a sump pump in it and connects up to the sanitary line. This basin appears to have a third hole in it which i suspect is for some kind of vent pipe connection. I have seen you refer to the Studor air emitter valve. Would this be an option for my set up rather than a more involved venting hook-up?

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