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Posted by Tom on November 05, 2002 at 10:52:15:
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You should be able to hear the pressure switch click on/off. Off at 50 and on at 30. If you can determine that the pressure switch is working correctly(if you have a volt meter check here to indicate voltage to pump motor) the the next place is probably the pump motor. There is usually an overload/overheat switch builtin the motor and would probably take a few minutes to re-set after triping which is what the symptons that you are decribing indicate. Good luck

: OK. I have a 30-40' well, with a 1.5 hp inline pump in the well. I have a 30 gal holding tank with a 30-50 pressure switch. My neighbor shares the well but has no holding tank.
: Last year, we had a problem with the water and replaced the pump, only to find it was just the pressure switch. Replaced that and had flawless operation until about 2 months ago.
: I had a water line for a fridge (no ice maker on mine, so it was capped off) that had sprung a leak. It was a few days before it had seeped out enough for us to even notice, but I cut off the water, cut out that section of pipe under the sink and installed a shutoff.
: It was somewhere after this point (and it started gradually) that there seemed to be a pause in the water. If you took a long shower, the water might at one point turn off to a dribble and then come right back on a few seconds later. It has now turned into ten plus minutes wait before the pump turns on after the tank runs out. I have replaced the pressure switch on the tank, but the previous one was less than a year old, and appeared fine to my untrained eye. It is getting a little scary right now with the winter coming.
: I have stood at the top of the well with a hose on to let the water run out, and then waited to see if the pump turned on before I saw the water (hoping this would rule out a leak of some kind) and the pump was delayed at least 10 minutes after the tank had emptied. I did not mess with the settings on the switch, and assumed, being the same model as the previous one, that it would work with no adjustment, as did the previous one. My neighbor has lost a water heater due to the delay, and I am really hoping to resolve this issue cheaply and quickly, so any ideas and pointers would be greatly appreciated.
: Thank you,
: James

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