Re: Bathtub faucet replacement
Posted by hj on November 04, 2002 at 07:51:25:
In response to Re: Bathtub faucet replacement
Their is only one plumbing fitting with a left hand thread, and it is almost exclusively used for gas piping. Your pipe is either rusted into the elbow in the wall, or the tile cement and grout is adhering to it and keeping it from turning.

: The pipe my faucet in my tub was attached to broke off in the threads near the front of the pipe. I thought I would back the pipe out of the wall and replace it with a nipple the same size and put a new faucet on the end, just as the old faucet. However, I cannot back the pipe out of the wall. It is stuck tight. Could it be that the pip has a reverse thread? I know you are asking "why doesn't the idiot try it and see"" I am afraid I will snap it off trying. What should I do?

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