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Posted by Quality Water Associates on November 02, 2002 at 23:24:13:
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: Problem:

: Within the last four months my copper pipes are showing green corrosion especially around the solder joints. This situation is permeating through out most of my copper plumbing system of my house. All my old galvanized pipes were replaced with copper pipes only 12 years ago. However, about four months ago, I had one of my bathrooms remolded where were all of the plumbing fixtures were replaced. I just recently showed the problem to the guy who remolded it. He replaced all the pipes he used were same kind (copper piping). What complicates my problem, is that I have a know problem with one of my water heaters. The heating element was going bad and causing a white chalk build up within my faucets. Since the hot water heater was only 5 years old, we were told that by periodically draining the hot water heater we could get further life out of it.
: We noticed this problem with the hot water heater starting about a year ago.

: Question1: How do I trouble shoot this corrosion problem?

: Question2: Could this problem be cause be a bad heating element in the hot water heater?

Have a look at this URL and other pages on the site.

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