Re: Ever hear of a Pegasus brand faucet?
Posted by Susan on November 02, 2002 at 22:46:49:
In response to Re: Ever hear of a Pegasus brand faucet?
: I have not seen it, but then I do not usually check Home Depot for faucets. Given their track record, however, I doubt that any parts are available for it and they may not even stock the faucet after a few months.

: : Saw a Pegasus brand faucet at Home Depot. It was about $70 more than the better Moen faucets and
: : weighted a ton. The faucet is made in China, but is solid brass and has a ceramic valve and brushed nickel
: : finish. The problem is that I don't know anything about this brand. Does anyone out there have any
: : experience with Pegasus? It was much better looking than any of the others and I'd really love to get them
: : to outfit three sinks, a tub, and shower stall. I also thought I'd go back to Home Depot and see if replace-
: : ment parts are readily available. Need your advice. Thanks much!

Not only have I seen them, I have them in my bathroom. Love the looks, they may weigh more and cost a little more than Moen, but as the saying get what you pay for. Really like ours alot, if you have questions about the faucet, call the company, they have an 800 number.

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