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Posted by hj on November 02, 2002 at 08:33:13:
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I am not sure if everything you did is related, but the only problem with removing a floor drain is that the area will flood if there is no other place for water to go. What those people are referring to is the situation when the sewer under the floor is leaking. In that situation, when the sewer backs up, and there is no floor drain to allow the water to flow onto the floor, pressure can build up under the concrete due to those leaks and push the concrete up. This would normally only happen if the city sewer were to back up and your backflow valve did not work, which it probably will not by that time.
: Question. We have installed a sewer backup valve and removed the floor drain. A sumb pump was installed and rerooted everything out. I have a partial basement with a crawl space. Now I am having people tell me that you can not take out the floor drain that the floor can explode. Is this true? Can you still us your toilet in a storm?

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