Toilet flange repair quetion
Posted by Philip on November 01, 2002 at 21:17:50:
I have a 40 year old bathroom I am remodeling. When I removed the toilet I noticed that the flange had a crack. I have a 4 inch drain. It look like lead was used to raise the drain pipe to approximated 1/2 inch above the flange. The flange is not physically attached to the drain. It is screwed to the floor and the lead was bent over to the top surface of the flange. There is a crack from 12 oclock position to 4 oclock position where the metal was bent over the flange. It is at the same hieght as the top of the flange. My questions are:

1) When the wax seal is put on, it looks like the wax will seal this crack. Do I need to repair it? The drain from the top surface of the flange down looks good.

2) If a repair is indicated. Can I reflow the lead with a standard propane torch? Is there another way of fixing this?

Thanks for the help.


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