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Posted by Debbie on November 01, 2002 at 19:41:04:
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Thanks for the reply hj. By Control Valve you mean an on/off lever/knob that is placed outside the shower for turning the water on. Would this be just an ordinary shower control, minus the faucet part? Debbie

: You can install the control valve outside the shower to do that. If you also would like to have control over the shower temperature/flow while in the shower, then install a second controller inside the stall. You can then use the outside one to get the temperature set in the piping, then turn it off and use the inside one to continue the shower.

: : We are bulding a home and would like to install a walk in shower like the one at this website
: :

: : Do you know where we could find a product that can be installed outside of the walk in shower for turning the water on, so you do not have to walk into the shower to turn on the water?

: : Thanks for your time, Debbie

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