Posted by RALPH on October 31, 2002 at 14:16:25:
i had someone install a neo angle shower base about one month ago. I have only taken a few showers and now I have noticed water leaking in two spots come out from underneat the shower base. When I look closer I can see what the problem is the two walls that the base touch there is a small seam or gap and the caulking is cracking so the water from showering has gone into the seam or gap opening allowing the water to go under the shower base and leak out. After investigating it seems to me that the shower base was not properly installed to the wall studs etc, but the shower base just touchs the wall with caulking. The shower base does not move at all from the floor which is good. What do you recommend should I recaulk the old cracking caulk that the contactor put on which apprears to have been no good. Also are shower Base installed without attaching to the studs like mind seems to be. Need your helph

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