Poor Flushing
Posted by Kevin Strohm on October 31, 2002 at 01:43:14:
I recently purchased a new house with Gerber toilets - (2) 21712 (21762 bowl & 28790 tank)and (1) 21702 (21752 bowl and 28790 tank) Aqua Saver design. We've only been in the house for a month, but have had to unplug these toilets several times already. Even with only a modest amount of paper they sometimes will not flush properly. It only takes a little plunger action to get them going, and once going the bowl will clear fine. All the drains seem to drain well and each bath has its own vent (although I couldn't vouch for the sizing). The tanks are filling to, or slightly higher than their fill lines.

From topside observation it looks like material is not starting to clear the trap. And once stopped, additional flushing won't fix it until the trap has been cleared with a plunger.

This is happening with all three installations.

Any suggestions? Any experience with these particular toilets?

So far I'm not flushed with excitement about these units.

Thanks for any replies.

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