Re: Adding a shower in basement bathroom
Posted by Gary Swart on October 30, 2002 at 13:05:45:
In response to Re: Adding a shower in basement bathroom
There are numerous DIY books available in hardware store, etc.. Can you do it? If you are handy with tools and are willing, you can do it. A shower, like all fixture except a toilet, require a pee trap, and unless right on top of the main drain, a vent. I'd use 2" pipe into the main drain. If the main drain is PVC, the job is much easier than if it is cast iron, but still can be done. Of course, concrete has to be broken out, how much depend on the job. There is not truly easy way to do this, but a 3 function hammer drill from Grizzly Tools ($100) will do the job and you will still have a very useful tool for drilling in concrete, wood, or steel and a tool to chisel or chip concrete. Beats rental because you don't have to worry about returning it to save rental, and by the time you're finished a rental would cost almost as much anyway. There is dust from chipping concrete, so that is a consideration. A pro concrete cutting company would have the job done cleanly and quickly, but of course at a price.

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