Re: Excavating sewer line in basement floor
Posted by Terry Love on October 29, 2002 at 20:50:19:
In response to Re: Excavating sewer line in basement floor

: I need to connect a new bathroom (3� PVC line) to my existing cast iron sewer line in my basement floor. What is the best way to break-up the concrete floor without causing excessive dust (from saw cutting) or excessive vibration? I�m concerned that using an electric jack hammer might damage the buried cast iron pipe or the nearby water supply pipe. Is this a valid concern? What�s the best method?

The best method is to get a "saw cutter" contractor out there. He will have a "wet" saw and wet vac, and a demo hammer. I find, that it cost less in the long run, to let him bring his tools and help him. Someone needs to run the wet vac you know.
There is less damage to the floor that way, no dust, and the cuts are clean and easy to pour to.

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