Plumbing a New Bath (copper lines and venting)
Posted by Rob on October 29, 2002 at 05:42:17:

I'm plumbing in a new master bath and had a couple of questions. I'm runnng 1/2" copper lines across a room (8ft) and I want to avoid drilling through the joices and having several copper joints, so I was going to notch the joices. But could I just secure the copper lines on top of the joices and then put the subfloor in (the subfloor is 3/4" Ply with 1/2" concrete board)?

Second question. I know there are critical distances to consider between traps and vent lines. I want to run a vent connection horizontally across the same room from a sink to the main vent stack are there any critical distances I have to observe for this case?



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