Problem with a siezed-up thread
Posted by Chris on October 28, 2002 at 04:34:46:
I've been trying to remove a water heater from the bottom of a four foot cylinder. Got the whole thing drained and disconnected, but the heater unit won't budge. It's an 11 inch electric emmersion type and fits through a special threaded hole. A 4 inch wrench is supplied but there's so much corrosion or scale around the gland that I can do nothing to move it. I can feel the copper flexing as I apply torque, but that's all that happens. I can't put a torch to the surrounding area because of a thick layer of what looks like PU foam. All I've been able to do is chip away at the deposit at the join and dribble 3-in-1 oil all around. Can you tell me what I need to try, Please. I'm kind of at a loss now.


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