Re: Trouble with American Standard Vent-Away lid
Posted by Chris Rodrigues on October 27, 2002 at 00:57:21:
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: It is possible to hold the nuts with a pair of pliers. But the tank should never get water in it that high. The reason for those toilets is that the water level in the tank is always below the rim of the toilet so that even if it plugs up the water can only rise that high and thus can never overflow. Repair the tank fill valve and then worry about the seat. In addition if you have a good American Standard dealer they will have, or can get, a "Tank float well" that fits in the tank and bolts through two of the three holes in the back of the tank. When this is installed, the tank fills up quickly, and then when it reaches the level of the top of the well the fill valve shuts off immediately eliminating the annoying "hiss" as the valve slowly closes.

: : We inherited a cranky AmStd Vent-Away with the house we have. Our latest problem is that the nuts holding the seat down have loosened and one has fallen off. I cannot put the fallen nut back on nor tighten it as they must be placed and turned from within the tank. The tank is so full of plumbing that only an infant's hand could possible get in there. It seems that the only recourse is to gut the plumbing in the tank just to put the stupid seat back on. However, I have no idea if I can do this as the system looks more complicated than today's automobile engines!

: : I tried looking for a replacement seat that used blind nuts and could be tightened from above-outside the tank. Nobody seemed to carry anything that would fit this AmStd mutant monster; the holes are non-standard spacing and the bowl lid is curved, not flat; let alone matching the pale yellow color.

: : Ordinarily we'd just put up with the loose lid, but this tank fills up such that water leaks out of the seat holes (which must be sealed) and forms a lake on our bathroom floor.

: : Any suggestions as to what to do? I'm willing to try taking this thing apart if I can find instructions to put it back together.

: : P.S. What exactly does the "vent" pull on the handle do? Near as we make out it just makes a noise.

: : Thanks

: : Phil

American Standard has exploded assembly diagrams on available on the web. Replacing the tank fill valve with the kit available from American Standard and/or adjust the float should take care of the weeping. Carefully removing the solid flush "flapper" at its pivot points (they get somewhat brittle with age) should allow you to hold the one nut and washer not otherwise accessible from the inside of the tank. I have seven of them in my house and they are wonderful if properly adjusted and maintained.

What this toilet does so well is remove odors back through the toilet bowl. Pull the flush button out away from the tank and a water-powered venturi jet creates a vacuum and pulls 4 scfm of air in through the holes underneath the rim which normally rinse the walls with water during the flush cycle. All odors are removed back through without the user having to experience them as they would with a bathroom vent fan. Pushing the flush button in toward the tank flushes the toilet and shuts off the vent feature. It's a high end, luxury toilet.

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