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Posted by Quality Water Associates on October 25, 2002 at 18:15:29:
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: I have a problem that i really need help with. Several weeks ago we started experiencing a very bad rotton egg smell from our kitchen cold water faucet. It is only coming from the cold water faucet in the kitchen, not from the hot or from the bathroom faucets. If we let the water run for a few minutes the smell goes away untill the next time that the faucet is turned on. Along with the bad smell is a bad taste. after it runs for a few minutes both the smell amd taste are gone. Any ideas about what the problem could be or how to fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated as my husband is really puzzeled by this and has asked several people for help with no success. Thank you very much for your time.

It seems as if you may have a contaminated faucet since no others have the odor. Take the aerator off and sanitize it in a glass of water and a teaspoon of regular bleach for 20 minutes. Then if possible hold the glass so the faucet tip is immersed in the solution for a few minutes. Cats have been known to jump up onto the kitchen sink area and lick the faucet tip. Dish cloths, pet water bowls, hands, poultry etc. are other possible causes of the contamination of faucets.

If you are on your own well you may have the odor in the water from the well but not be able to smell it at other faucets. Forcefully spray water into a bucket from the pressure tank drain as you hang your nose on the rim of the bucket and see if you can smell the odor. If you do you may have H2S in the water. If so contact a water treatment dealer for options as to treating the water. You should also have a Coliform bacteria test done. If on city water call the company and discuss the odor with them.

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