Tub istallation
Posted by Susan on October 25, 2002 at 13:45:07:
I am installing a Kohler tub in a three side alcove instalation and have a few questions:

1) Kolher recommends setting the tub in cement or mortar. What type of mortar do I need? I plan on stapling 15 lb tar paper to the floor and then placing the mortar on top of that. Do I need to use metal mesh? The tub will be fully constrained from moving since the mud tile floor is 1.5 above the base if the tub on the long side. Another approved option is appling construction adhesive to the support blocks instead. I figure the mortar bed would be better.

2) Kolher does not call for ledger supports in thier installation instructions. Do I need them? This is an acrylic tub.

3) This tub is replacing a cast iron tub. The loaded wieght is almost the same for both tubs (note the new tub holds more water). The old tub was placed on top of a sub floor of 3/4" tongue and groove planks. I assume I can place the new tub in the same place.

4) Some of my references suggest using tar paper for a moisture barrier behind the durarock. They reccommend attaching the paper to the tub flange with asphalt adhesive. Is this compatible with acrylic?



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