Re: toilet floor flange replacement
Posted by hj on October 25, 2002 at 09:09:34:
In response to Re: toilet floor flange replacement
None that I would suggest to someone doing it for the first time. And if the concrete is poured against it, it makes it less likely that you would do it without damaging the pipe. There is no guarantee that a plumber would be able to do it, but you have a better chance of it not becoming a major job if you let one try.

: My toilet floor flange needs replacement. How do I remove it without damaging the drain pipe. The flange and drain pipe are PVC. The flange sits on the subfloor which is concrete. No bolts were used to anchor it to the floor. It looks like it was originally set and leveled by pressing it into mortar as well as PVC Cement. My main concern it damaging the drain pipe. That is one pipe I don't want to have to replace. Are there any tricks to accomplishing this!

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