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Posted by Philip on October 23, 2002 at 20:23:03:
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Depends. Most pedestal sinks need a support member behind the sink (piece of wood between the studs) to support the wieght of the sink. If you had a pedestal sink before you might have it in place already. If not, you need to open the wall. If the wall is sheet rock then the job isn't too bad. If you have tile then if could be a pain. One word of advice, made sure that the pedestal will clear the p trap when installed. Some pedestals are not completely open in the back. With mine, I needed to use a 1 1/4 trap to clear the pedestal.

: How difficult will it be to change a regular sink in a countertop to a pedistal sink? I am new at DIY and fell confident enought taht I will be able to do it myslef!

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