Re: Toilet doesn't flush all the way
Posted by Terry Love on October 21, 2002 at 23:24:20:
In response to Re: Toilet doesn't flush all the way

: I just replace the toilet flapper and now when I flush the flapper drops immediately before the toilet has had a chance to flush. I used the LaVelle Korky brand.(You were referenced on the Korky web site.) The leak is fixed now but I have to hold the flush handle down until it flushes all the way. Please help? Thank you.

If your flush valve has pins that slip through holes in your flapper, you will then need to cut with a sissors, the middle part out, the part that slips tightly around the overflow tube.
When you have done that, the flapper will fit nice and loose on the pins and will "float" up a bit longer.

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