washing machine drainage pipe size
Posted by Dennis on October 21, 2002 at 14:49:11:
I own on old home built in 1905. I installed some 1.5" pvc pipe for a large capacity washer drainage. This drainage pipe
T's off of the basement sink pipe which then goes into a cast iron pipe (looks like a vent pipe). This cast iron pipe runs into the
ground and must connect to the main stack some where. The problem is the the water back flows in to the sink when the waher
discharges the waste, it seems as if the rate of flow is to large for this connection. What size pvc is used typically waher discharge?
The main stack is not to far away but the water may have to travel up slightly. Is there anything else I can do

I have tried using a one way valve under the main pipe under the sink put the water only back flowed to the source.

Any suggestions...


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