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Posted by Quality Water Associates on October 21, 2002 at 12:59:10:
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: My home has a cistern with a Jacuzzi pump/wellextrol tank in the basement. After running out of water I had to reprime the pump and the pressure switch wouldn't shut off....ever! I put in a new switch and found sediment in the diaphram of the old one. Now 3 months later it still works but seems to run a very long time and adjusting it doesn't make a difference. Also the pressure guage on the pump always reads 100 PSI.I suspect the switch and guage are full of sediment .......or not? What isthe proper way to proceed? Thanks a bunch.

I think you�re right. It seems something from in the tank may be causing the blockages. Something like algae, rust etc.. Remove the tubing from the wet end of the pump to the pressure switch and clean it out or replace it. If you don�t have the tubing then the switch is on the wet end or a nipple somewhere, clean the nipple. Replace the gauge and clean its nipple or the internal area where it mounts on the wet end of the pump. Then adjust your switch with the new gauge readings to whatever pressure range you use; 30/50, 40/60 etc.. While you have the water off check the air precharge in the pressure tank. It should be 1-2 psi less than the lower pressure gauge reading. I.E. 30/50 is 29-28 psi air pressure.

The other possibility is that he pump has something sucked up against and maybe into the screen on the foot (check) valve, or the pump is worn out. That would be the jet and impellor etc..

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