Pipe tapping driving me insane....................
Posted by Dan N on October 19, 2002 at 15:19:27:

I live in an apt. building with central heating. We have big hot water pipes that run in the walls with smaller pipes coming into each room.

Ever since the earthquake last year, there has been this tapping sound coming from the pipe in my bedroom. It'll tap every few seconds and it'll do that THROUGHOUT the night! The only time it stops is when hot water flows through the pipe to heat the unit. But once the hot water stops and the pipes cool and contract, the tapping starts up again.

One guy came out and opened up the base of the wall and removed some things touching the pipe. That didn't solve the problem.
Then my manager opened the wall near the ceiling and a metal bar that waas jutting into the shared pipe was sawed off.
I really thought that was the end of the problem, but just last night the sound was still going, strong as ever.
If the sound wasn't in my bedroom, I'd just ignore it. The constant tapping has forced me to sleep in my living room since the building's heat was turned back on.

I've tried many times to try to pinpoint where the sound came from. I was sure it was where the manager sawed off the bar. But the sound travels so well along the smaller pipe up to the big pipe that I cant' tell anymore.

My question to all of you knowledgeable people is, what can I do now? Do I have to open up the wall the entire length of the pipe and look for things pressing against the pipe??
Is this more of a heating company issue or plumber issue? The heating company for the building has come out before but didn't offer much help.

Its seriously driving me insane--if it doesn't get fixed soon, I'll go nuts. Sorry for the long post. Any help greatly appreciated.

Dan from Seattle

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