Re: Trouble with American Standard Vent-Away lid
Posted by mort on October 19, 2002 at 11:57:32:
In response to Re: Trouble with American Standard Vent-Away lid
If you have the original style seat, then you will see small holes on the inside of the seat hinge wall. This is a spring release for removing the seat and lid from the stems that hole the threaded section you want to put the nut back on. I tell you this because the easiest way to put the nuts back is to remove the seat in this manner, leaving the stems which you can turn from above to tighten. Now you "merely" have to hold the washer, lock washer, nut triplet on the threads from below while you turn from above. Newer replacement seats no longer have this convenience. To make the holding of the hardware easier, try using scotch tape. Stack the three pieces and tape around the stack vertically. Punch a hole through the tape where it covers the washer opening. This should hold the stack together making it easier to position onto the threaded section.

How do I know this? I spent two years in a similar situation trying to puzzle out how to replace the stupid seat. So this is from successful experience.

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