Re: No disposal included
Posted by John Taylor on October 18, 2002 at 14:02:43:
In response to Re: No disposal included
: Actually, he put the old one at my curb for trash pickup (my
: trash company does not charge any extra on bulk days). Yes, he did
: bring the new one with him of course. And I certainly understand that
: we must pay for his expertise, tools, etc. But to make over $200 for
: an hour of work is simply highway robberty in my book.

So when a doctor talks to you for five minutes and charges $70, what's that?

How much time did the plumber spend before he got to your house. How much driving time was there?

When I go to the doctor, I pay for parking, drive myself there, and wait in the waiting room.
The five minute apointment takes me 1.5 hours plus parking. Should I be charged 1.5 hours for visiting the doctor?

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