Re: Gas hot water heater replacement
Posted by John Taylor on October 18, 2002 at 10:32:53:
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That's why I quit medical school. I was making more money as a plumber, paying for college, than I would have if I had finished and entered the medical field.

One thing I will note in this case. The guy that replaced yours musting of been rocking! That's fast.
Did he bring a new tank and then take away the old tank?
If so, how long do you think it took him to do that?
Most of the time, you have to pay to dispose of those huge critters.

I always think, it a fun homeowner Saturday, to go the the hardware store, bring home the water heater in their neighbors borrowed truck, get the right parts and tools, install and then haul away the old smelling heater to a place that will take them. Most of the time, they have to be hauled to a metal salvage yard. When you return the borrowed truck, don't forget to thank your neighbor.

I think a better question is:
How much is "your" Saturday worth?

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