Re: Kill my pop-up drain assembly!!!!
Posted by Joel on October 17, 2002 at 18:02:16:
In response to Re: Kill my pop-up drain assembly!!!!
: Someone help me!! We just moved into a new house that has Moen faucets (I believe they are the Villeta model...they have 1 clear plastic knob). Well, I'm having a problem. There is gunk in the drains and I can't get the stinkin' pop-up stopper out of there, no way, no how. I also can't see anything under the sink that looks like it would release the pop-up thing. Anybody know how I can do this? (I e-mailed Moen and they didn't answer, and our beloved builder doesn't know his pop-up assembly from a...well, you get the picture.)THANX anyone who can help!

The knob that you pull up to close the stopper is connected to a bar that goes down behind the drain. There is a lever that goes from this bar into the drain. Remove the cap that connects it to the drain and the fastener that connects the lever to the bar. Once this is done it will come apart and the stopper will come out, all covered with hair and funk.

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