Re: pedistal sink instalation
Posted by Terry Love on October 17, 2002 at 11:12:24:
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: I am installing a used pedistal sink onto concrete foundation and need some advise on the pedistal. Before I tile the floor I need to install the pedistal. Is it nesisary for me to bolt the pedistal to the floor? And second how can I tell how far from the wall it should be located? (Should I just set the sink on top of it and make sure it is toutching the wall? or is there more to it than that?)

I would tile the floor first.
The most important thing would be to have "backing" behind the wall for the securing bolts. Sometimes you can use toggle bolts, but wood backing is better.
The bowl determines where the base will set. Setting the bowl on the base is what you will do. If you need to "pin" the base, you can drill through the tile.
Most will caulk at the base and at the wall. Terry

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