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Posted by Quality Water Associates on October 16, 2002 at 18:24:04:
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: I hope someone here can help, I have just rented a old house that runs off our landlords well. They told us it was ok, but they bought bottled water to drink...? Just today I boiled some water for the first time, to my surprise after the pot cooled down it was yellow!! Now I know sulfer is yellow, but I didn't boil that much water, so what should I do? I signed a years lease, but I'm not sure if the water is safe..I haven't drank any yet, But when I brush my teeth it makes me gag....PLEASE HELP, and how would I go about telling my landlord if there is a problem?
: Thank you, Jenn

Yellow after boiling could be caused by a number of things but not H2S (hydrogen sulfide) which is commonly referred to as �sulfur�. Things such as iron are Tannin are much more likely to cause the discoloration. �Sulfur� when oxidized causes black particles.

What causes you to gag? The thought of the water being less than whatever, or is there an odor? If so, of what? �Sulfur� causes a rotten egg, sewage type odor.

You can have the water tested for the presence of health related parameters such as arsenic, MTBE, Coliform bacteria, E-Coli, Nitrate, Nitrite etc. and inform the landlord of the results of any that exceed acceptable limits. S/He would have a responsibility to make things right or the lease would be voided IMO. Or you could (should be able to void it if you cant� use the water.

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