Re: Is my builder sizing my gas lines right?
Posted by hj on October 15, 2002 at 23:04:08:
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If those measurements are consecutive, meaning a total 54' run, 3/4" pipe will handle 138,000 btu's and 1/2" 66,000. Unless the furnace has a very small input, the whole system is undersized. I think I know how he sized it using 30' of 3/4" and 30' of 1/2" separately, but that is not the way it is done.

: Thanks for the advice. The home is being built new through a reputable builder (Lifestyle Homes)and has not been inspected for this portion of the construction...yet. Your advice sounds about what I was expecting to hear. I'm really concerned about the pressure drop when the appliances are running at the same time.

: Anyway, I forgot to leave some of the measurements yesterday. (Duh) From the outsidewall/gas meter location to the water heater it's 22 ft. It's reduced from 3/4" to 1/2" about 10 feet from the water heater. From there it goes to the furnace(7 ft) and then to the dryer(10 feet) then finally to the stove (15 feet) I used to have a nice guide to figure this out for myself when I took a course with the gas company in California but somehow misplaced it. Is there a place to find one of these guides for free somewhere on the net? If someone could give me an idea of what it should be that would be great. Unfortunatly I don't have ANY of the appliance BTU ratings. I think most modest dryers, stoves and 40 gallon water heaters would have similar BTU ratings. Also, with a 2,300 sf home in central (temperate) florida, I can't imagine having a furnace rated over 36,000 btu's (??) I'm going to find out within the next day when I cross examine the builder about his plumbers piping!! In the mean time, does the piping size he's given me so far even come close to code/requirements??

: Thanks for the advice in advance.

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