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Posted by Terry Love on October 14, 2002 at 22:49:15:
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: How efficient is the bigger flush on the Caroma toilet? Is it as good as the flush of the Briggs vac toilet, which recently won raves from Consumer Reports? Are you or others as sold on the Briggs as Consumer Reports was?

Only Consumer Reports is raving about the Vacuity.
But then, CR never took them home and tried them there. They appear to operate much like the old "wash down" bowls of the 70's. At least thats the appearance. Lot's of water splashing down from the front of the bowl. Reminds me of the Caroma toilets in that regard.

Homeowners that have used the vacuity and the Toto G-Max products rate the Toto better.

It's not the first time that CR's first choice was not a customers first choice. Their 98 report had a similar result. That time they picked the Gerber Ultraflush. A good flushing toilet, but not a homeowner favorite. I had a few unhappy women ask if they could return them.
Most of the men thought they were great.

Things I consider when rating toilets include:
Complete waste removal on one flush?
Is the sound curve non obtrusive?
(In homes, toilets are used in the dead of night)
How deep is the bowl, is there good coverage?
Does it resist plugging?
If it does plug, what happens if you flush twice, does it flood over the rim?

The full flush of the Caroma is quite good.
I don't think you "can" plug them.
If they had elongated bowls instead of round, it would be even better.

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