transient sewer smell - varying places
Posted by Natalie on October 14, 2002 at 17:17:20:
Our "new" house is 40-50 years old. When this house was added to the city sewer system, they tied in the sump pit to it. The water is pumped UP to the sewer pipe level. The washing machine drain water travels via a pipe under the floor of the basement over to the sump pit. However, the pump runs quite frequently throughout the day in the spring. Our second, vacant lot is quite wet during this season. So we know the basement is tiled into the sump pit. We have minimal odor problem during the spring. The rest of the year the whole house can be unbearable. We have a family of 4 and I run the washer at least once, if not twice a day. Sometimes when you open the washer, the smell could knock you down. I was smelling the same odor at the kitchen sink, though, and that does not drain to the pit. All of our venting seems unhindered, our traps are not leaking and never get a chance to dry up enough to allow gas to escape. The same goes for the sump pit, actually, with the frequency of the washer use it should be fine. My husband completely emptied the pit and cleaned it. The basement itself is dry. We have a rec room we use down there without even a dampness problem. We run a dehumidifier I am wondering, is it coming from the "empty" drain tile underneath the house? Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated. I'm ready to move...

Thank you in advance.

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