Re: Mixing PEX and copper OR redo completely with PEX
Posted by Quality Water Associates on October 14, 2002 at 15:31:02:
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: I'm doing major remodeling of bathrooms and kitchen in my house. I'm going from 1.5 baths to 3, ultimately and rearranging the kitchen floorplan.

: I like the idea of using PEX because I have no experience with copper. Currently the plumbing is all copper inside the walls and it seems to be in good shape.

: My question is:

: wherever there is existing copper plumbing close to new fixtures (typically with 5 feet) should I:

: divert the copper lines to the new fixture with PEX?

: divert the copper lines to the new fixture with NEW copper?

: completely redo all lines with PEX from a new manifold and using home-run circuits?

: Access is not a big problem since this is a 3-story house and most work is on the 2nd and 3rd floor. I will be removing lots of drywall and floor sheathing anyway. Most plumbing is on the 2nd floor and I have easy underfloor access from ground floor unfinished storage rooms. I was thinking of putting a new Vanguard manabloc manifold in the utility room on the ground floor.

The choice of copper should be based on the water quality run through it. Here on the East coast we have huge problems with acid rain and acidic water from both surface and groundwater sourcesp and pin hole leaks in copper tubing and copper run underground along with recirc hot water systems. I�ve worked on houses with water leaks in L copper tubing after as few as 30 months on private well water. A quick search for �pin hole leaks� or �pinhole leaks� should help anyone to understand the potential problems. Or some reading at

I like home runs of PEX from a manifold. The lines can be smaller and without fittings/valves between the manifold and fixture although I like a valve at the fixture. You should compare your present tubing�s wall thickness to the same type new tubing�s wall thickness before reusing it.

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